August 7, 2015

‘Car No 0271’ to Release on August 7

The film industry seems to be in troubled waters as far as box office performances of movies so far in 2015 is concerned. While the last theatrical release 'Love in Bangkok' was mostly shot abroad with commercial ingredients galore, still it failed to find any popular appeal and had to be withdrawn from most centre after just one week. The initial enthusiasm seems to have vanished. 

After 'Ahetuk' and 'Anuradha' to some extent, none of the movies have shown any spark or promise. Audiences have found them extremely boring and amateurish. Film makers have completely failed to communicate with the masses especially the young generation. If movies with clever, fancy shots are the idea of entertainment, audiences may actually be better off with other options. Those will eventually be rejected by the public. Its not clear why but release dates of quite a few movies have been postponed.

One has to wait and see how the audience reacts to a new movie slated to be released on August 7. Entitled 'Car No 0271', the film is directed by Swaroop Dutta and produced by Anish Verma under the banner of 'Aaideo Talkies'.

Nihal and Priya were travelling on a hilly road for a special reason. During their journey, they gave lift to four unknown persons - a priest, a local don, an engineer and an insurance agent. To reach early to their destination, they took a shortcut road through a dense forest.

Then as they proceed, weird things start to happen, far too horrible than they could imagine - which chills to the bone. The movie packed with adventure and thrill, also contains a strong message for the society.

The film's cast of artistes include Bishnu Kharghoria, Rajdeep Konwar, Diganta Konwar, Darathy Bhardwaj, Gunjan Sarma, Rupantar, Bijit, Sidhartha Dutta, Hasas Ikbal, Prasurjya Baruah, Bedanta and Seuj. The film's story and screenplay are penned by Rajdeep Konwar. The movie has been filmed in Dibrugarh, Ledo and the dense forest of Arunachal. The music is scored by Bobi Baruah. All the songs have been written and tuned by Rajdeep Konwar and rendered by Homen Molia and Pritam Bora. The cinematography and editing is done by Swaroop Dutta. The film's publicity is designed by Focus Media.


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