March 16, 2016

Dikhou: Manas Robin's New Album after Five Years

Its sad to see the condition of the local music market. The once glorious industry is now facing a certain demise. The producers too have long deserted the music business. Once the market used to be swamped with hundreds of Assamese albums. But now there’s hardly any new album. Despite the dismal situation, popular musician Manas Robin is all set to release his new Assamese album that features his own music, lyrics, tunes and vocals. The album’s video version too will be out soon.

The album titled ‘Dikhou’ is a sort of comeback venture for Robin after a five year gap. He has really poured his passion and a good amount of hard work into the project, being presented under the banner of MR Production. Manas Robin, who has to his credit numerous hit albums like ‘Junbai’, ‘Anjana’, ‘Nahar’, ‘Pokhila’ among others and quite a few popular songs from films, has already completed the song recordings. The picturisations of these songs are currently going on at various locations.


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