March 10, 2016

New Assamese Film ‘Anugrah Kori Moribone?’

Comedy is such an integral part of cinema, mobile theatre plays and television serials. Audiences always enjoy a film, a serial or a stage production that features a lot of comic elements in it. A sprinkling of comedy shows running on the local channels is attracting a dedicated television-viewing audience, largely due to their slapstick fun, humour and sarcasm. There’s also this over-riding tendency among the directors to drag scenes rather needlessly and the actors to ham it up, with the intention of raising laughter in the serials and even mobile theatre plays. But more often than not, the intended joke or humour palpably falls flat on it’s face.

There has been one incessant complain, rather a long-standing joke with regard to Assamese people – they don’t have any sense of humour at all. A new Assamese film titled ‘Anugrah Kori Moribone?’ is all about to change that general perception. The film, intended to tickle people’s funny bones and grab eyeballs, is all set to go on the floors shortly. Produced by Indraneel Dasgupta under the banner of Tea Leaves Production, the film makes social insights in a sarcastic vein. It will feature some really engaging characters.

The film’s director-scriptwriter Anupam Bordoloi has conceived something new for the audiences with his maiden feature. The film’s casts of artistes include Bishnu Khargoria, Gunjan, Samir, Bhukhan, etc.

Although the filmmaker received financial help and support from several quarters to produce the film as a bilingual in Hindi and Bengali, his allegiance for his homeland compelled him to make it initially in the Assamese language. The production also conducted a workshop with the intention of familiarizing the participants with the fundamentals of film acting.


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