May 15, 2016

Short Film ‘Bhranti’ Selected to Barcelona Film Fest

An Assamese short film based on the trials and tribulations of a disabled teenager and featuring a real-life 18-year-old physically challenged actor has been selected for the Barcelona Planet Film Festival to be held in Spain.

'Bhranti', the seven-minute short film directed by Duliajan-based Arindam Barooah, brings to light how superstitions surrounding disabled people pose challenges for such people. The film is about the friendship between Bablu, a disabled teenager, and Pappu and how their friendship faces challenges from Pappu's mother who dislikes the friendship on account of his friend's physical condition.

But both her son and husband don’t like her outlook towards Bablu. Thus, they both overlook her attitude. Will she break his friendship with her son? Will she accept him the way he is and their friendship? Can she change her mental perception towards that disabled boy or to any other such person?

The role of Bablu played by 18-year-old Bitupon Dutta has brought him new life. The lively young artiste feels that the physical condition shouldn't act as a barrier in society. There’s no point living with any deep-seated feelings of inferiority and wretchedness. People with disability should continue to live out their dreams, which is what the film tries to convey.

'Bhranti' is produced and directed by cine-journalist Arindam Barooah, who has also written the script. Barooah is a regular contributor to various newspaper journals and magazines. The dialogues are written by Rita Bhuyan Barooah. The film’s cinematography is done by Nishanta Singha and Bhaskar Jyoti Dutta. The background music and editing is executed by Abhijit Bhattacharjya. The film’s assistant director is Nidhi Chouhan.

The casts of artistes include Jeeta Sonowal, Jiten Das, Saahil, Bitupon Dutta among others. The film was shot in a place called Dulia Gaon in Duliajan.

The film has already managed to garner critical appreciation in a number of film festivals. It won the runners-up prize at the Blitzschlag MNIT 2016 Film Festival and was adjudged the 2nd runners-up at Pukaar Short Film Festival 2016, Mumbai. The film also received official selections to 6th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival 2016, Delhi, Golden Frames 2016 - International Short Film Festival, Mumbai, BRICS Film Festival - Young Director's Cut! 2016, Meerut.

"I had posted the film online for the Barcelona Planet Film Festival. It got selected and I am happy. I wanted to bring out the challenges that disabled people face in society," said Barooah.


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