June 21, 2016

‘Jegat Lagi Jai’ : New Assamese Single by Bikash Sharma

A genuine singer is someone who can sing with convictions, one who has the ability to feel the lyrics, and emote according to the composition. But most contemporary newcomers lack this quality, and that explains the degrading quality of songs. It doesn’t augur well for the Assamese music scene.

Then again, there are others who are a dedicated and passionate lot about music. It’s nice to know that newcomers are showing a good deal of interest in producing singles. They have got to seize viewers’ interest. Otherwise there’s no point in making singles.

Bikash Sharma, a promising singer, has recently released his first single ‘Jegat Lagi Jai’. Sharma, though not a professional singer, dabbles in music to fulfill his dream of becoming a popular singer one day. The lyrics of the song ‘Jegat Lagi Jai’, which showcases the attitude and sentiments of a young man, is written by cine-journalist Kalyan Kumar Kalita. The lyricist has shared his feelings in this song by announcing that its the girls who seem to be more serious than the boys when it comes to love. The girl forces the boy to do things that registers in his mind – which is what the song is all about. The song is composed by Hrituv Hazarika and musically arranged by Palash Gogoi. The video of the song will release soon. The singer’s second single - ‘Urania Mon’ will also hit the market in both the audio and video format. Bikash Sharma is hopeful of getting positive feedback from viewers.


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