July 14, 2016

Assamese Film ‘Doordarshan Ati Jantra’ Releases on September 2

After a long and infuriating wait, Assamese film titled ‘Doordarshan Ati Jantra’ directed by Rajesh Bhuyan will finally get release on September 2 in the various theatres of Assam. This was disclosed at a press meet held at the Gateway Grandeur Hotel by the film’s producer Sanjive Narayan recently. “The script of this film based on Himangshu Prasad Das’s play ‘Akhon Gaont TV Asil’ is written by Rajesh Bhuyan and Santanu Roumaria. 

The music is scored by Mausam Gogoi”, said Narayan at the press meet attended by journalists from the print and electronic media. “This film features 62 artistes from the world of film and theatre. The late actor Lakshmi Borthakur also plays a part in the movie. It will be a complete entertainer”, Bhuyan who has given a new life to a well-liked story written in 1987, said. The music CDs of ‘Doordarshan Ati Jantra’ was also released on the occasion.

During the press meet, the film’s distributor Rajiv Bora, music director Mausam Gogoi, artistes like Jatin Bora, Prastuti Parashar, Moonmi Phukan, Utpal Das, Rajiv Kro, Saurav Hazarika and others also made brief speeches. The songs in the film are rendered by Zubeen Garg, Priyanka Bhorali and Chayanika Dutta.


Himangshu said...

very nice movie

jayanta bhuyan said...

Nice. Googlt ketia release dibo

Ramayan chandra said...

oh sabo mon goise ;i love him & her so i want to saw

Rinkul Borah said...

Muk aai Doorodarshan movie khan lage

Jit thakuria said...

nice Assamese movie...himangsu dar storyrir aru akhn film ahi ase...bokul tolor bihut sakira... ankwa jn lge name tu....himangsu da apunar val lge.

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