September 19, 2016

Assamese Film ‘Kothanodi’ Premieres in Majuli

In a major departure from convention, the makers of the Assamese film ‘Kothanodi’ held the film’s premiere in the river island of Majuli on September 13. ‘Kothanodi’, which won the national award this year, is based on events and characters of Assamese folk stories compiled by Lakshminath Bezbaroa in Burhi Aair Sadhu. Director of the film Bhaskar Hazarika said that most of the film was shot in Majuli and the people there received the crew with warmth and love. He added that it is only right that instead of asking the people of the river island to take the long ferry ride to Jorhat to watch the movie, we go ourselves and screen the film for them before the rest of Assam sees it.

Noted film critic Utpal Borpujari said that it was the first time that an Assamese film got premiered in Majuli, a place where there are no cinema halls. He lauded the commendable and innovative initiative by the producers.

The premiere was organised in Uttar Kamalabari Satra of the island on September 13 at 6 pm. The film’s cast and crew attended the premier and the producers had sent out an open invitation for all the people of Majuli to come and watch the film. Kothanodi got release in theatres across Assam on September 16, 2016.


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