October 7, 2016

2nd Culture Colloquium – Autumn 2016 Held

Amrapali (Society for ARTS), a leading socio-cultural organisation organised the 2nd Culture Colloquium – Autumn 2016 on September 25, 2016 at the Amrapali Institute of Arts, Zoo Tiniali, Guwahati. This annual event shelters thoughts and notions propelling towards preaching and promotion of arts and cultural concepts at various level of the society. This year there were four speakers, placing their viewpoint upon their subjects and fostering its importance in oneself and the society.

The evening was graced by Sattriya dance exponent, Gobindo Saikia as the guest of honour. The guest speakers were Marami Medhi, Kathak dance exponent and Dr. Saiful Islam, Yoga and Naturopathy expert, accompanied by the Amrapali associate speakers, Tikendrajit Sarmah, Anthropologist and Pranaame Bhagawati, Dance enthusiast, cultural activist and founder of Amrapali (Society for arts). The evening summoned with exchange of thoughts whilst the speakers’ profound speech lured the audience for healthy interactions.

The Culture Colloquium started with the opening speech by Tikendrajit Sarmah, retired associate professor of North Guwahati College, Dept. of Anthropology and present Education Consultant of Amrapali (Society for ARTS). Sarmah shared the indepth nuances of earlier human inclination towards arts and their interest in executing as well as preserving it. Guest speaker Marami Medhi stretched upon the concept of establishing performing arts as a major learning subject for upcoming talents and learning students and suggested it not to be just considered as an extra-curricular activity. As dance is a threshold to gaining knowledge to many co-related subjects like mythology, history and literature, it will definitely enhance a sincere learner’s viewpoint and in turn would benefit the self and the society at large. Dr. Saiful Islam’s speech exposed many unknown context of yoga asanas and that of Naturopathy, which one can practice daily without external expenses and much struggle. The only need is a systematic lifestyle and regular commitment of its practice. Pranaame Bhagawati further emphasised upon implementation of arts at different levels of the society, right from school level to professionals. She urged not only to have the arts and aesthetic oriented classes within the classroom, but highlighted that, learners would be more beneficial if they experience field trips and event managements.

Celebration of such occasion has its own uniqueness of generating core knowledge, exchanging views and mitigating cultural policies as well as proposing them to leading cultural departments and organisations. Amrapali’s venture of having such an initiative is indeed appreciable!


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