November 1, 2016

‘Man With The Binoculars’ (Antardrishti) Selected to Tallinn BlackNights Film Festival

Before the film gets a state-wide release, the audiences elsewhere in India and abroad have already warmed up to Assamese film ‘Man With The Binoculars’ (Antardrishti), the directorial debut of the highly talented filmmaker Rima Das. The film has succeeded in imparting viewers with an entirely different form of storytelling.

After receiving critical success at the 18th MAMI International Film Festival, the film has recently received official selection to the prestigious Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, which is mentioned in the list of world’s top 15 festivals by the International Federation of Film Producers Association. Launched in the year 1997 with 25 full-length films, the festival has since grown rapidly, attracting considerable crowds, presenting a comprehensive selection of world cinema in all its diversity, besides providing a friendly atmosphere for interaction between the audience and filmmakers from all around the world.

‘Man With The Binoculars’ will compete in the first feature film category with 13 other films from all over the world. A fascinating, visually enticing piece of work, the film relates the story of a gentle middle-aged man Chaudhury, a retired geography teacher from a small village in Assam, whose life starts turning upside down when his son, who has come for a visit, gifts him a pair of binoculars. The film observes its diverse characters with a placid objectivity and tellingly conveys the scenic beauty and the intrinsic life styles of Assam’s countryside. The state’s veteran artiste Bishnu Kharghoriya turns in a highly intense performance, supported by Jumi Das, who makes her debut.

The film’s story, screenplay is written by the director Rima Das, who is also its producer. The cinematography is by Ratnajit Roy, while sound designing is done by the internationally recognised Amrit Pritam. The music direction is by Anurag Saikia. The film’s colorist is Sid Meer, and editor is Suresh Pai. The film is co-produced by Jaya Das.


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