November 1, 2016

Short Film ‘Bodh’ Earning Praises at the Festival Circuit

“Your guiding hand on my shoulder will remain with me forever..” - a son expresses his abiding love and affection to his father, who had left an indelible imprint on his life, in a new short film entitled ‘Bodh’ (Unfolding the Spirit of Reverence).

The film is the latest effort by Arindam Barooah, a young and talented Assamese filmmaker who realised early that filmmaking was something he wanted to devote himself to. Hailing from Duliajan, Arindam directed his energy to honing his craft as a filmmaker. He joins a new wave of young filmmakers in the State, who is making acclaimed short films. These low budget, mostly experimental films have especially thrived at the festival circuit. Arindam has already made several of them including documentaries which were shortlisted for a number of film festivals in India and abroad. After transforming his dream into reality with his first short film entitled ‘Colour of Dreams’, he has made ‘Eti Notun Prabhat: A New Dawn’, 'Akanksha: An Impassioned Desire', documentary ‘Exploring Namphake’, ‘Bhranti’ among others. Arindam has also worked as an assistant director in the Assamese film ‘North Bank’.

The emotionally charged ‘Bodh’ weaves a son’s disclosure about his father’s genuine love, care, compassion and sacrifices towards him. It dawned on him about the emotional bond that the two shared throughout his existence. The film shows the obedient son’s reverence and respect for his father, who was such an inspiration. His father instilled in him the right kind of values. He never felt more secure in his presence.

The short film pays tribute to fathers who have been pillars of strengths to their children and family.

‘Bodh’ has met with a lot of audience interest and critical attention at the festival circuit. It has already garnered awards at the Accolade Global Film Competition 2016 held in USA, Best Shorts Competition, USA, and Honorable Mention at the International Independent Film Award in USA. It has also received official selections to International Film Competition (IFCOM) Festival 2016, Jakarta, Indonesia, 4th Indian Cine Film Festival-16, Mumbai, The IndieFEST Film Awards, USA, Grand Off - World Independent Film Awards 2016, Warsaw, Poland, Second Asia International (Wenzhou) Youth Short-Film Exhibition, Beijing, China, among others.

The film employs the dramatic monologue technique where the actor, played by Anurag Biswasi, professes his feelings directly to camera, achieved quite effectively with light and shadow.

The screenplay is also written by Arindam Barooah, while the dialogues are penned by Rita Bhuyan Barooah. The film’s camerawork is done by Gitertha Goswami and Bhaskar Jyoti Dutta, edited by Diganta Gogoi, background sound executed by Anupam Baruah. The film’s assistant director is Porosh Dutta. The sketch artistes are Debajit Gogoi and Kakoli Rajkhowa.


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