November 1, 2016

Singer Jina Rajkumari Shines in Thailand

An accomplished singer, Jina Rajkumari won the hearts of the audience at a function held in Thailand recently under the auspices of the Purbanchal Tai Sahitya Sabha. The Sabha was invited by the organisers of the celebration committee to commemorate 17 years of the present emperor’s rule. At the programme held on the occasion, Jina Rajkumari and her troupe presented songs of Tai Ahom - Ka-Hit-Na Lai-Lung-Kham dance, Hajong dance, Tiwa dance and Bihu dance.

The two-day programme, held under the banner of the Rani Mahachakri Sirindharan Ritatwa Kendra, had participants from China, Laos, Thailand and India. The Assam team included Upasana Rajkumari, Seema Phukan and Mausumi Bora.


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