November 21, 2016

New Assamese Cinema "Konwarpuror Konwar"

Popular Assamese actor Nayan Nilim is back to Assamese film industry with his upcoming movie "Konwarpuror Konwar". Konwarpuror Konwar, made under the banner of Nilim’s Entertainment and Rosy Bhuyan will release on January 6,  next year, thus, making it the first Assamese movie to release in 2017.

The film’s lead actor Nayan Nilim, who has also been credited with the story says that the film will be an out and out commercial entertainer. Talking to journalists, he said, ‘ The film will have everything from romance, comedy and action. Apart from all the theatres of Assam, we will screen the film for the Assamese diaspora living in cities like Delhi, Bengaluru and Pune. The film is the result of our three year’s planning. Majority of the film has been shot in Margherita. We have also shot in Shillong, Mirza and Kukurmara apart from Jyoti Chitraban Studio.’

The film has been directed by Rajesh Bhuyan and apart from Nayan Nilim, it will star debutante Taapsee, Amrita Gogoi, Hiranya Deka, Saurav Hazarika, Juan Dutta, Rina Bora, Siddartha Sarma etc. Songs are written by Ibson Lal Barua and Paran Borkotoky and Parthapratim have composed the music for the film. Popular singers Zubeen Garg, Papon, Pompi, Subasana Dutta and Arijit Singh have sung for this movie.

Dialogues are written by Munin Barua and Suman Duarah is the Cinematographer. Debangkar Bargohain has done editing and Debajit Changmai is the sound designer.


Amrit Konwar said...

Sir, can you give me link to download this movie?

fanny said...


Banajit Mahnatal said...

Bhut vl lgise sai movie khn

Pritam Kalita said...

Val lgise sai film khon

Ashik Ahmed said...

Ai Movie khon sai imanei val lagise j moi nijei change hoi goisu.. mor babe ai movie khon bohut inspirable hoi.. Thank you everyone those who took part for released such an amazing movie..

Bonjit Ray said...

Bohut Val lagise cinema khon sai.....gotei flim khont okono bor hobo loga eko ni....hosai bohut bohut Val hoise flim khon

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