March 9, 2017

Assam’s Dancing Trio - Jayanta-Pranaame-Wamiel Makes India Proud

Jayanta Bhagawati and Pranaame Bhagawati, the first Assamese dancing duo and internationally acclaimed Indian classical dancers and choreographers need no introduction for their dancing credibility in different parts of the world like Germany, UK, Dubai, Tanzania and Maldives. They have made Assam and the northeast proud by delivering several revered productions like Bihu Bareboroniya, Kaziranga, Brahmaputra, Shiv Tandav, The Hunt, etc, at the national and international level. And nowdays, the couple is accompanied by their 7 years old daughter Wamiel Pranaame Kashyap in their presentations. This is Wamiel’s second international dancing tour after Maldives.

Pranaame and Wamiel’s recent dance tour to the Caribbean and the USA, brought laurels to the Assamese culture. Our ‘Jhumur’ folk dance grooved on the dancing floor of different parts of Guyana and Florida. Jayanta and Pranaame’s widely known choreographic production ‘Bihu Bareboroniya’, which was premiered at the Rabindra Bhawan some 13 years back, was a much appreciated effort which has gone a long way in popularising the Bihu dance, blending perfectly with Kathak. The couple never forgets to leave a touch of their native culture! Pranaame and Wamiel is the fresh mother-daughter dancing pair from Assam creating international dancing headlines.

Pranaame Bhagawati’s presentation - ‘Dance’ firmly established many known and unknown strings connecting to the history and emergence of dance in form of a lecture – demonstration. Pranaame took workshops and special classes in training the students from different organisations from various places. This enactment was performed in varied parts of Guyana and Florida. For this lecture-demonstration, a special performance evening was also organized at the Indian Cultural Centre (ICC), under the High Commission of India, Georgetown, Guyana. The ICC is an extension of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), meant for the spread of Indian culture and cultural diplomacy abroad. V. Mahalingam, High Commissioner of India to Guyana and Sita Nagamoottoo, wife of the Prime Minister of Guyana were the special guests for the evening.

Pranaame and Wamiel also performed at the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas 2017, under the High Commission of India, Guyana and in one of the events of the ISKCON. The trio Jayanta-Pranaame-Wamiel performed at the 68th Republic Day celebrations of India organised by the High Commission of India to Guyana at Georgetown, and the presentation was well applauded by the dignitaries and diplomats present. Pranaame’s dance workshops at the Essequibo island, Berbice and Georgetown of Guyana and in Florida exposed the students beyond the traditional concept of classical dance training.

Pranaame adds, “Dance is for all those who are passionate about dancing. It brings in lots of goodness within a practitioner. I believe in not making it specific unless one wants to be a professional dancer. My training is open to anyone who loves dance irrespective of any age group. I was overwhelmed to see some groups of ladies in my workshops at Guyana and Florida who were above 65 years of age!”

Back home in Guwahati, Pranaame is enrolling students in traditional as well as creative techniques of Kathak dance and thematical choreographies at her institute - the Amrapali Institute of Arts, located at the Zoo Road Tiniali in Guwahati.


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