March 22, 2017

Dwijendra Mohan Sharma's Evergreen Compositions in New Mp3 ‘Alakananda’

A prolific and influential songwriter, late Dwijendra Mohan Sharma had amassed a wealth of lyrically powerful, captivating songs, which have been crooned and composed by many luminaries over the years. Recently, this renowned lyricist’s achievements and oeuvre were commemorated with the release of an MP3 containing 162 of his evergreen songs, some truly musical milestones, that used to rule the Akashvani air waves once. 

Rendered by seventy-five of the state’s prominent singers and tuned by thirty artistes, this MP3 titled ‘Alakananda’ was released by noted artiste Mridula Das in the presence of eminent celebrities, including Bina Bhagawati, Kula Barua, Putul Bala Phukan, JP Das, Bhupen Uzir, Shanta Uzir, Manjumala Phukan, Dr Debojit Sarma, Pulok Banerjee, Abani Pathak, Loknath Goswami, Pahari Das, Dilip Das, director, Akashvani Guwahati, among many others, at the Tirthanath Sarma Bhawan.

It was the late lyricist’s better half and well-known singer Beauty Sharma Barua, whose tireless passion and responsibility to preserve the songs for future generations virtually made the whole endeavour possible in the first place. She took the onus on herself, while spending a great deal of time compiling and digitising the whole collection of songs, after collecting them from many a yesteryear singer, friend and colleague.

With an unparalleled style, the husband-wife duo formed an astounding musical partnership that produced several glorious hits that are embedded in the hearts of many.

On the occasion, Mridula Das paid a glowing tribute to the late lyricist by rendering and speaking about some of his evergreen songs. “His prowess as a lyricist puts him in a different league altogether. The songs were a spontaneous outpouring of multi-layered thoughts and feelings”, said the songstress. The programme rode on a crest of nostalgic memories. It brought Dwijendra Mohan Sharma back to life even if it was for a short while. There were several other speakers, the older generation of artistes, who fondly recalled their association with Dwijendra Mohan Sharma as a lyricist, and as a person. He was part of the treasured memory that spawned a legacy of soulful melodies and meaningful lyrics.

On the occasion, Kula Barua showered heart-felt praise and appreciation on Beauty Sarma Barua for coming out with this invaluable compilation. Dilip Das too lavished praises on Dwijendra Mohan Sharma’s family for digitising many of the old songs that have endured the test of time. He also mentioned that Akashvani too is doing its best to preserve many of the old evergreen songs with enormous care and sensitivity. Eminent singer Bina Bhagawati talked about the uniqueness of Dwijendra Mohan Sharma’s song-writing abilities before breaking into the evergreen hit - ‘Rohdoi Oi Aiya Nirmala Nadire Ghat..’, that evoked nostalgia in many in the audiences.

There would always be a tune running in his head before he wrote a lyric that often told a story, mostly dictated by his heart. On the occasion, the E-Book entitled ‘Alakananda’, containing nearly a thousand lyrics penned by Dwijendra Mohan Sharma, his poems in Assamese and Bengali and some music related websites, was released by Beauty Sharma Barua’s elder sister Putul Bala Phukan, who spoke about the greatness of Sharma’s songs and tunes, that has the power to win the heart of humanity, as well as his life and ideals.

It has to be mentioned that Dwijendra Mohan Sharma has enriched the world of Assamese music with songs like ‘Maah-Halodhire Nuwale Dhuwale’, ‘Duniya Aamar Ashtana’ (From the film ‘Bibhrat’), ‘Oi Jaan Piriti Jhala Jwi’, ‘Parichoy Bihin’, ‘Jhilmil Jun Jhale Kopalot’, ‘Mor ‘Shapna Mou Premot’, ‘Bohag Ahile’, ‘Devi Buli Matisilu’, ‘Ivy Lotar Patot Junak’, ‘Jor Pati Saliki’, ‘Besidin Logote Nathaku’, ‘Rohdoi Oi Aiya Nirmala Nadire Ghat’, ‘O Soru Bhaniti Mugar Riha Pindhili’, ‘Mayabhora Nijom Rati’, ‘Sagarot Mayurpankhi’, ‘Tiling Tiling Alibaat’, ‘Tup Tup Rabhatolit’, ‘Bohag Ahile Dholor Matot’, ‘Phool Pholok Rodore Phool’, ‘Madhu Jun Jhalise’, ‘Jowar Batat Tomaar’ among many others.
Infact, the MP3 also provides a rare opportunity to hear the lyricist’s singing voice in two of the songs - ‘Kiba Ati Kom Buli’ and ‘Jao Buli Nokoba Dei’ (in duet with Beauty Sarma Barua). The tuning to the songs were done by thirty eminent artistes, including Khagen Mahanta, Mukul Barua, JP Das, Ridip Dutta, Charu Gohain, Pulok Banerjee, Beauty Sarma Barua and Dwijendra Mohan Sharma himself.

The function was wonderfully hosted by Akashvani’s Ashim Kumar Kaji. Interestingly, there is no price tag on the MP3 as the sole purpose has been to preserve these evergreen songs for posterity.


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