January 17, 2019

‘Bhaworiya’ Releases

Sanmilita Natya Gusthi, an amateur drama group of Mirza, has been performing street plays all over Assam. After arousing social consciousness with their street shows, they would later stage full dramas. If our culture is to be exalted, and the arts are to be the vehicle of exaltation, the society cannot treat the arts with indifference, which is what is happening with the Dhulia culture of South Kamrup, a folk art which is diminishing rapidly as a result of declining interest among the young people. 

Director Biswajit Kalita took this cause to stage a full-fledged stage drama, which has now developed into an Assamese movie ‘Bhaworiya’. The film, produced by Pankaj Kumar Jain under the banner of SNG Production, got released on January 4 all over the State. The cast of artistes are are Bishnu Kharghoriya, Pubali, Jyoti Kishor, Nipon Goswami, Atul Pasoni, Hiranya Das and Debajani. Birubala Rabha makes a guest appearance. Tarali Sarma, Zubeen Garg and Kumar Bhabesh are the playback singers.

Prantik Deka