March 5, 2019

Rupankrita & Alankrita: Wonder Sisters Creating Waves

Popularly known as ‘Wonder Sisters’, siblings Rupankrita Kalita and Alankrita Kalita, whose voices blend beautifully to create a rich, vibrant sound, have performed songs that have encompassed different languages. They started their musical journey with the album ‘Akash Subor Mon’, which caught a lot of people’s attention. One of its songs – ‘Bowala tumi’, rendered by Rupankrita with Zubeen Garg, became extremely popular. 

Their innovative interpretation of the popular Hindi song ‘Phoolon ka taroon ka’, and ‘Dhaker taale’, their cover version in Bengali, earned instant popularity on the YouTube. The duo has posted a number of videos on their YouTube channel - Wonder Sisters, where they have more than 30,000 subscribers. Their skillful renditions has made them an instant favourite with the audiences.

Songs like ‘Telephoneote’, ‘Ki hol ki hol’, ‘Tokari - Jomunar dhou dekhi’, ‘Karengor xuwoni’, ‘Xun poruwa’, ‘Eketi dalote phool phool’, ‘Fagun toi ki dusta’, ‘Tumi noholeu hobo’, the patriotic ‘Rupohi Axom Vande Mataram’, ‘Niloge niloge’ (Alankrita in duet with Zubeen Garg), among others, have amassed many thousands of views. ‘Khaloiti bandhi kokalot ae dehi aai oi dehi’ became a smash hit with a viewership of over 1 million and is still going strong. The recent release ‘Serek serek’ has been garnering massive popularity and is all set to become their biggest hit. Their live performances like Turut Turut, Bihu Nass, etc, have also been uploaded to their official YouTube channel.

Prantik Deka