April 11, 2019

Redefining Popular Music : Babu Baruah

A die-hard music lover. The magic of music keeps him infinitely pre-occupied. He has explored his creativity in various art forms, having worked across the fields of film, mobile theatre, album and television, much to the envy of his peers. A much loved and versatile singer of his generation, he is none other than Babu Baruah or Babu as he is popularly known. 

Hooked to music ever since he was a child, Babu, who made his singing debut with the album ‘Geet’, made mainstream waves with his next solo album ‘Rowd’, which featured a number of chartbusters, including the delightful ‘Rowd ulal bhaniti chaku chate mari dhare’. Thereafter, a majority of his songs from his successive albums like ‘Shanti’, ‘Babur Biya’, ‘Dhuli’, ‘Phool’, ‘Ajolitora’, among others, became major hits.

In 2008, NK Production’s ‘Lakhimi’, which featured Babu’s renditions, became a huge hit. Thereafter, his renditions in NK albums like ‘Achinaki Mon’, ‘Priya Milan’, ‘Mon’, among others, have permeated the public consciousness. His effortless renditions have stirred deep and authentic emotions with the audiences. Some of his most popular songs include ‘Pedel mari mari’ from the album ‘Babur Gaan’, ‘Rukmini’, ‘O chenai mai’, the duet with Zubeen Garg – ‘Barikhare Baanot’, the Goalparia tune ‘Mao Kande’, ‘O Najitora’ - a duet with Priyanka Bharali, etc. There have been others too, like ‘Laden asil polai’, ‘Nahar’, ‘Bohona’, ‘Vande Mataram’, ‘Thikona’, ‘Ghur Kojola ghur’, ‘Sakori bisari’ rendered with the visually impaired Mantu Ali, ‘Hatori’, the Hindi song ‘Jiya jayena’, ‘Rosona’, etc, which have received appreciation of the listeners. 

His childhood friends like Chandan, Bhagawan, Dipson and Balen have been an invaluable guide and a constant source of inspiration in his musical journey. Babu, who has been distributing relief materials to the flood affected people and offering donations to the poor and needy students over the years, has recently taken the initiative of providing free medicines to poor patients through his group - ‘Its Possible – Save a Life’.

Prantik Deka


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