June 7, 2019

Sublime Representation of Colours

Nilakshi Bezbaruah from Nagaon is gradually getting recognition in the field of fine arts through her creative talents. She was drawn to art from childhood and underwent training under the renowned artist, late Pranab Baruah. Though she was quite busy with her job and family life, she persevered, keeping her mind busy and focused, and finally, in 2010, she organised her first solo exhibition of paintings, organised by Gati Assam, in Kala Bithika, Guwahati, that commemorated fine arts artist, Hemangini Bordoloi, an alumnus of Shantiniketan, who became an icon during her lifetime.

After that, Nilakshi took part in many group exhibitions held in Nagaon, Guwahati, Tezpur, etc. In 2013, she took part in an exhibition organised by Suranandan Bharati in Kolkata. In the same year, she presented a solo art exhibition in Guwahati, which was based on the poems of distinguished poet Hiren Bhattacharjya.

A similar exhibition was held in Srimanta Sankaradeva Kalakshetra on the songs of renowned singer Khagen Mahanta in 2014. Some of these paintings are incorporated in the book ‘Khagen Mahanta : Geet Aru Jivanrekha’, written by Anuvab Parasar. She also presented an exhibition based on some of the selected poems of distinguished litterateur and Padmashree awardee Mahim Bora’s ‘Ranga Jia’ at the Nagaon Press Club. She has, so far, participated in 7 solo and 35 group exhibitions. Her paintings have been exhibited in various places in the country, including Guwahati, Mumbai, Delhi, Indore, Boruda, Bangaluru, Ahmedabad, Kerala, Hyderabad, Goa, etc. 

Her art works are collected not just in India but around the world, and are recognised for their remarkable quality. A Russian purchased one of her paintings, when she took part in the India Art Festival in Delhi, in 2016. Besides participating in the festival four times, she has also taken part in art workshops. Her paintings were also exhibited in Israel, Hungary, Jakarta, New York, Dubai, etc. Some of her paintings are preserved in some art galleries in Delhi and Agartala.

She has explored a lot on women's lives in relation to nature in diverse forms of expression, which is representative of the artist's oeuvre. A recurring theme in her paintings is the depiction of the natural beauty of Assam, its rich yet endangered flora and fauna and related ecological topics. As is evident from her paintings, she has, with her keen sense of observation, created a series of themes and ideas around cityscapes, the traditional Bihu, Sankari cult, the flora and fauna of Assam, etc. People from abroad often express their eagerness to know more about Assam, its one-horned rhino, the migratory birds, or even our traditional Bihu, after observing her paintings.

Nilakshi also has a deep fondness for folk culture and beliefs, which she has expressed in some of her paintings.

Many of her paintings have found their way in the art journals, published from Mumbai and Delhi. They have also found their space in a few national newspapers.

Like the years before, Nilakshi’s art works, which assumes an universal outlook, caught the attention of art connoisseurs and enthusiasts in the India Art Festival held in Mumbai, in January, this year. One of her paintings was even moved to an art gallery in Bangladesh. 

In 2018, her works were exhibited in the gallery of Lalit Kala Academy in Delhi along with a number of renowned artists. She was also presented with the prestigious Chitranandan Award by Kolkata’s Surnandan Bharati.

Besides paintings, she has also been engaged in compiling and editing books. She has edited two books, one on Mahim Bora’s short story compilation - ‘Galpar Aror Kahini’, and another, based on the poems of ‘Ranga Jia’. She has also edited the book ‘Pranab Baruah : Jibon aru Silpa’.

Nilakshi is currently running an art school for the young children, motivating them to create their own art based on their ideas and feelings. She is also providing lessons in handwriting, calligraphy and calculation with the help of Abacus for the artistic development of children. She also took a special course in preparation of a book on manuscript painting on sanchipat, by using traditional colours like Hengul, Haital, etc. She has even been imparting training on this ancient art form to the eager students. The talented fine arts artist is now busy in preparation of an exhibition in the upcoming India Art Festival.

Prantik Deka


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