September 15, 2019

Adil Hussain Starrer ‘Raahgir-The Wayfarers’ to Have its World Premiere at Busan

Goutam Ghose will be presenting his film titled ‘Raahgir-The Wayfarers’ at the Busan Film Festival. His film, starring Adil Hussain, Tillotama Shome, Neeraj Kabi and Omkar Das Manikpuri, will have a world premiere on October 21.

‘Raahgir-The Wayfarers’ is a story about three strangers — Nathuni, Lakhua and Chopatlal. They meet accidentally on a journey and eventually, establish a bond. The film, which is based on a short story by Prafulla Roy, has been shot extensively in and around Jharkand last year. 

Talking about the world premiere, Goutam said, “I haven’t visit festivals in recent times. There was a time when I was a regular. But I will be there at the Busan Film Festival to present my film. There will be a question-answer round too. It feels nice for the cast and crew when a film makes it to prestigious film festivals. I am happy with the news.

According to Goutam, his film is a “tale of human empathy during a time of crisis”. “Three strangers, who meet on a journey to the nearest town in search of their livelihood, form the crux of the plot. It is a humane story of common people and their humanity and how they sacrifice their own interests to save the life of a poor elderly couple. I thought it is pertinent to make a film on this subject in today’s world where humanity faces a crisis, where everyone is so intolerant and cruel,” said the director.

Incidentally, the cast has already been praised for their performance. “A friend, who is a European film distributor, watched my film and asked if I had got villagers to act. I guess that’s the biggest compliment. I believe that good acting is all about making it believable. I am so happy that all my actors in this film were so dedicated and gave their best,” said the director.

Prantik Deka.


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