Zubeen Garg’s Birthday Special: 10 Important Facts about Zubeen

You can love him, you can hate him but you can never ignore him. Because, he is our very own multi talented singer, actor, lyricist, composer, director and poet : Zubeen Garg! A man who has revolutionized the Assamese music industry and while he turns 42 this year, we at KothaSobi sift through the 10 most important facts or events in Zubeen’s life.

Some facts about Zubeen Garg

  1. Born in 18 November 1972, at Jorhat, Zubeen was named after the great composer Zubin Mehta.
  2. Zubeen Garg has two sisters: Jonki Borthakur and Palme Borthakur.The album Shishu was dedicated to his sister Jonki’s sudden death in 2002 who had been his singing companion for years.
  3. Anamika, the first music album of Zubeen Garg was released on 1992, a super hit of course.
  4. Tumi Mor Matho Mor – the only Assamese film wrote, directed and acted by Zubeen Garg on 2000.
  5. Zubeen Garg is married to Garima Saikia Garg, a fashion designer hailing from Golaghat, Assam on 4 February 2002.
  6. Zubeen Garg won the Rajat Kamal National Award in 2007 for the film Echoes of silence in the best music direction, Non Feature Film category.
  7. The first Zubeen Garg directed drama in Assamese Mobile theatres is Devdas, 2014 of Brindaban Theatre.
  8. Zubeen was nominated in the best playback (male) category for Ya Ali of Gangster in Filmfare Awards, 2007.
  9. Strings- Bound by Faith is the only Hindi movie, music composed by Zubeen. While, Shudhu Tumi is the only Bengali movie, music directed by him.
  10. Zubeen played the lead role in Mon jai, the best Assamese Film in the 56th National Award.

KothaSobi takes this opportunity to wish Zubeen Da a very Happy Birthday.


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