Swagata Baruah Shines at Bordoisila Theatre

When Assamese celluloid artistes plied their craft on the mobile theatre stage, a large section of the theatre-goers criticized their acting. A few of them have connected with the audiences, while others have failed to make any kind of impact. Someone like Swagata Baruah has proved herself with consistent performances since making her foray in the mobile theatre industry. She has delivered energetic performances in not just one but three different plays at the Bordoisila Theatre this year. Whether it was Stuti of ‘Tandov Naach’, Snigdha of ‘Thikona Bihin Thikona’ or Kangkana Baruah of ‘No Xajere Xojam Tomak’ – Swagata’s skillful performances have brought her much acclaim and appreciation.

Swagata Baruah

Quite obviously, Swagata Baruah and her work have been discussed by theatre aficionados all over Assam. Her acting is highly appreciated by the people of Assam who have enjoyed all the three plays of Bordoisila Theatre. The producer of the theatre, Najrul Islam also expressed his view saying that the theatre troupe has got this actress in each and every role as per their requirement, and the appreciation and clapping of people in every show has proven this. Swagata feels elated to receive the love and support of the audiences. She also added that for the upcoming season, people will be able to see her in a new light in an emerging mobile theatre group named ‘Rajmukut Theatre’, which is being produced by Manas Kalita.

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