June 12, 2014

Ahetuk : New Film by Bani Das

Ahetuk is a new film by renowned director Bani Das after long ten years of break. His earlier works include "Kadambari", "Maharathi" and "Mon". Ahetuk, a movie with full of entertainment is produced by Rajkumar Jain under the banner of Rajrani Production. The mohurot of the film was organised at Jyoti Citraban Film Studio on 25th April. The film’s story, script and dialogues are also written by Bani Das himself.

In ‘Ahetuk’, director Das is planning to surprise the audience with an unusual story filled with a lot of twists and turns. The film revolves around a secret mission conducted by two young journalists working in a news channel. The role of the journalists is played by newcomer duo Gunjan and Amrita. Incidentally, this is the second film of career for both Gunjan and Amrita. While Gunjan has acted in Mridul Gupta’s under–production ‘TRP aru...’, Amrita appeared in Chandra Mudoi’s bilingual ‘Chaigaonor Champa’, which is ready to be released.

Veteran Tapan Das plays the role of Editor–in–Chief of the news channel. Other actors are Ashwini Bhuyan, Rajiv Kro, Manoj Gogoi, Mahendra Das, Debashish, Hillol Kumar Pathak, Trishna Kurmi, Sapoonti Bordoloi, Shayan Chakravorty and Utpal Bordoloi. Also, Prastuti Parashar appears in an item song for the second time after ‘Ranangan’.

The music of Ahetuk is composed by Poran Borkatoky (Jojo). Cinematographer is Nahid Ahmed, Sanjib Borthakur is the editor and executive director is Manash Das. Action scenes are directed by Pradhan Deori. Costumes are by Nandini Barua. Production designing by Add Kraft Studio. 


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