July 18, 2014

‘Akou Edin’ Getting Ready at Hengool Rehearsal Camp

One of the most hyped and much-talked play of this season ‘Akou Edin‘, of Hengool Theatre, is now getting ready to rock on stage. Rehearsal for this play has been going on in full swing at Hengool camp, Marioni. It is to be noted that, mobile theatre troops of Assam are now busy in their camp and preparing for the next season.

Hengool theatre, a leading troop, is also had started their camp on last 29th July and now they preparing for ‘Akou Edin’, a play written by popular lyricist, Journalist Rajdweep and directed by Sankalpajit Hazarika. Since the announcement this play, Akou Edin has been creating curiosity among the audience of mobile theatre as well as the people associated with this industry for some notable reasons. The subject of the play can be identified as the prime reason for this hype as it would be the first story in mobile theatre industry based on Amnesia, i.e. Short term memory loss. Other reasons may be the debut of Rajdweep as playwright and Sankalpajit Hazarika as Director as both of them have already proved their skills in other medium and applauded by the mass.

As Rajdweep, the playwright, stated earlier though Akou Edin is based on a form of mental disorder called Amnesia in which one lost his or her memory, but actually it’s a romantic play having a heart-touching love story. It’s a love story between Pankaj and Mousumi, being played by leading actor Akashdeep and gorgeous Angoorlota. 

The other casts included Dhrubajyoti Das, Beepul Bora, Jiban Hatikakati, Alokjyoti Saikia, Nirmali Nilam, Mitu Kashyap, Barnali Barua, Debojit Bora, Deepjyoti, Dhruba etc. For last one week, all the cast and crew have been working on the play and in between actor cum action director Pradhan Dewori has directed the action sequences of the play. Pankaj Hazarika, the production designer of Hengool Theatre, maintained that the background music of the same will start soon and after that they will go for the final rehearsal on stage.