July 20, 2014

Avataran : An Assamese Sci-Fi Film

Avataran is an Assamese sci-fi film, written and directed by Tarunabh Dutta, who made one of the first Assamese science fiction film 'UFO', also based on aliens, three years back. This film is entirely shot on the new 'Canon 5D Mark III' camera. Avataran is produced by Dr. N. K. Dutta.

The story of Avataran takes us to 100 years into the future when earth is destroyed, mankind endangered. An ancient power bought by a highly intelligent Alien race might hold the key to saving mankind. A recap to present times of year 2014. The ancient power resurfaces, closely pursued by sinister forces. A small girl Panchi and her family get entangled in the struggle involving far superior and hostile forces. However, there is still hope as long as there is goodness and belief. This is truly shown by the children with their honest and innocent outlook. Thus an adventure ensues and it is ultimately upto the children to keep their faith alive and fight for their home and family, and restore peace.

A vast array of VFX and 3D modelling, including expansive fantasy worlds and CG characters have been created for this film. The cast of Avataran includes veteran actor Pranjal Saikia, Purnima Saikia, Rimpi Das, Saurabh Hazarika, Samir Ranjan and Aasthajita.


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