July 8, 2014

Morisika : a New Film by Nipon Dhalua

‘Me and My Sister’ fame director Nipon Dhalua is back with another Assamese feature film named Morisika produced under the banner of NBDK Production. Besides producing and directing, Dholua also pens the story, screenplay and dialogues.

More than a century ago the holocaust blackened the entire world. Millions were killed like animals by an autocratic regime. Humanity’s darkest chapter strikes the world again. But only now, it is being sponsored by the State. The court takes the ultimate decision to eliminate all those who are a burden to the State. People’s survival instinct reigns supreme.

In the background of this transformation, a love story is developed between Raj and Nila. Raj is an industrialist, determined to bring developmental works to his village. And Nila is the daughter of a farmer. Morisika revolves around themes of human struggle and perseverance, and the harshness of reality that envelops the State.

The lead roles are played by popular actress Munmi Kalita and Filmfare award–winning actor Kapil Bora. Other actors are Nipon Goswami, Minu Bania, Toufique Rahman, Madhurima Choudhury, Indra Bania etc. The film is cinematographed by Prithviraj Dutta with the Black Magic movie camera. Music directors are Kalyan Baruah and Bappi. Zubeen Garg has also sung a song for the film.


MOMI DAS said...

'MORISIKA' nice name, bahudinar murat ekhan xamajkendrik movie saboloi paam buli axa thakil, logote xokololoi mur xuvakamona thakil. Specially Munmi Kalita, coz of she is my fb friend .

Parag deka said...

Really a fantastic movie, I like it...

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