October 5, 2014

Tomak Bisari Raagee : New Assamese Romantic Musical Film

Tomak Bisari Raagee, an Assamese Romantic Musical Film, will soon be in the theatres by April, 2015. Tomak Bisari Raagee is directed by debutant director Amitav Borah.

The story is about a boy named Loi, an aspiring singer with many dreams. Due to some serious problems in his life he loses himself and his music too. But Loi regains himself when he finds and meets his love a girl called Raagee. Raagee gives meaning to his whole existence that he had lost previously. Raagee inspires him to live and love his life again.

The lead roles are played by  Sasanka Samir and Garima Kashyap. Music is composed by director Amitav Borah himself.


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