November 23, 2014

Ahetuk to Release on 2nd January 2015

Renowned film maker Bani Das directed upcoming Assamese movie Ahetuk is now all set to release on second January 2015. The movie will be released all over Assam, across 40+ cinema  halls. The shooting is over, and currently the VFX section is going on. On the other hand, music of Ahetuk will be release on an event  at Shraddhanjali Kanan Park, Guwahat from 5pm to 7pm on 30th November.

Produced by Rajkumar Jain under the banner of Rajrani Production, Ahetuk is a film about two passionate journalists who set out to get at the truth of a story to the extent of putting their lives in jeopardy. At the end, surprisingly, they find they have been used by certain vested interests. The role of the journalists are played by newcomer duo Gunjan and Amrita. Other actors are Tapan Das, Ashwini Bhuyan, Rajiv Kro, Manoj Gogoi, Mahendra Das, Debashish, Hillol Kumar Pathak, Trishna Kurmi, Sapoonti Bordoloi, Shayan Chakravorty and Utpal Bordoloi. The film’s story, script and dialogues are also written by Bani Das himself.

Talking to, director said, "After years of experience that I have acquired in the long run, I determinately bestow the Assamese audience a movie with a social message. I  take immense pride in informing the people of Assam that this is a movie shot and shaped entirely in Guwahati. From Pre-production to post-production, editing, color grading, art direction, sound recording and designing, and especially to mention, the VFX section, has been all executed in Guwahati.  In this 2 hour movie, 45 minutes of it is of visual effects. We have an expert team of VFX artists namely Suman Choudhury, Priyam Chakraborty and Utpal Talukdar.  Suman Choudhury, who has worked in various big banner movies of Bollywood, has been hired from Mumbai."

I strongly believe that the audience will be able to connect with this movie as it portrays the happenings of day-to- day life. It’s my faith that this movie will embrace the zest and soul of the people and will challengingly compete with any Bollywood movie, perhaps not monetarily but aesthetically and creatively.  Therefore I request the people of Assam to come to the cinema houses and enjoy the movie which would help in sustaining  the longevity of Assamese Cinema.", director also added.

The music of Ahetuk is composed by Poran Borkatoky. Cinematographer is Nahid Ahmed, Sanjib Borthakur is the editor and executive director is Manash Das.


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This is first time we will see archery Recurve section in this movie right.....????

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