November 29, 2014

Othello: An Assamese Film Portraying Life as a Perennial River

Life is like a perennial river that has to keep on flowing. Life and river both appear to have a smooth run when seen from a distance but in fact they have a fierce current within that is full of intricacies. This is the theme of Assamese feature film ‘Othello’, according to producer Manbedra Adhikari. He was interacting with media persons after its screening at 45th IFFI yesterday. 

He said, “Many times in life, a man comes to the conclusion that his deeds in the past were not well thought of and likewise the new generations too, evaluate the previous generation with their new view point”. As regards the title of the film on Shakespeare’s character, the screenplay writer of the film, Ranjit Sarma, informed that the hero of the film too, is an outcast in the society as he is a patient of leucoderma in the same way as Othello was a black among the whites.

The story of the film centres around seventy-two year old ex-revolutionary, Bankim Bhatta who is suffering from Alzheimers. Mun drives an autorickshaw named Othello. Bankim tells Mun that he wants to go to jail as he realized that the extremism he followed during his youth was against the law. He is sent back to the police station where Tina, his tenant and a call girl, meets Mun. Tina starts using Mun’s auto to visit clients. A bond develops between them. The film culminates with a bomb blast at the auto-stand. This is the first Assamese film which has a call girl as its lead woman character, claims Ranjit Sarma.

Photo Courtesy: Artha Films.


Malavika Goswami said...

Great job done by the entire team of othello. Hope you keep on producing more such good and interesting films in future too. Congratulation.

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