November 27, 2014

TRP Aru... Movie Review

Editor's Note: This is an exclusive review written by Assamese Film Producer Luit Kumar Barman.

I stopped going for premier shows of Assamese films, as most of the films disappointed me in past. Today I also got an invitation for the premier show of  Mridul Gupta's new Assamese movie TRP Aru... I was just thinking whether to go or not because I couldn't forget the previous horrible events. One of my friends asked me to give him company and ultimately I went for the movie at Anuradha cineplex.

When I entered the parking arena I found I can't leave the parking until the film is over because of chaos. Finally I entered the hall after praying God to save me this time. And God listened to me and this time I am not disappointed. The director Mridul Gupta was successful to show how a media house can do anything for TRP. One more important thing is that owners of the satellite house were shown as politician which is a common trend now a day. Journalists are not allowed to work freely. Although the film has no star casted, the director was able to utilize them with good acting.

TRP Aru... is not slow as typical Assamese movie. Location, camera and costumes were good. The only thing I am not satisfied with the music, background score. Overall it's a good movie. People will like it. However, the team is not publishing the movie in social media and it could hamper them. Thanks to Mridul Gupta for delivering such a good movie.


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