February 16, 2015

M Maniram’s New Assamese film to Premier on TV

Eminent Assamese Film maker M Maniram has come up with a new concept. Maniram, who is best known for his National Award winning film Mon Jaai in 2008, has decided to premier his latest movie on television before it hits theatres. Maniram says he has taken a risk with this new concept as producers of Assamese films incur huge loss nowadays.

He said, “This is a new concept. I decided to take a risk to premiere my film on television before it is released on theatres. No one has ever done that in Assam. I hope if people like it, they will go to the theatres to watch it.”

His new movie Khondhikhyan, the transition will be premiered on at least three televisions in the month of April. “I have approached the corporate bodies and they have assured me of their support for the premiere. As a filmmaker I have worked so hard for the project that I would want my work to be watched by the people,” he said.

Maniram, while commenting on the present scenario of the Assamese film industry, resented the unfavourable atmosphere for promoting Assamese films. “Our filmmakers hardly get suitable slots for screening movies. Besides, the distributors are not that helpful either,” he added. Khondhikhyan, the transition, is a 90-minute crime thriller which revolves around kidnapping of a girl.

Another filmmaker Bani Das, who is unhappy with the current system on film policy in the State, expressed his hope for the new concept.


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