April 10, 2015

Abdul Mazid’s Saat Nomboror Sandhanat to Release on April 17

Veteran actor-director Abdul Mazid's Assamese film Saat Nomboror Sandhanat is set to release on April 17 all over the State. The film's script and dialogues are written by director Mazid himself from a moving story by Jehirul Hussain. Mazid, who made his directorial debut with 'Maram Trishna' in 1965, had crafted some of the most entertaining and thoughtful movies like 'Chameli Memsaab' (1975), 'Bonhansa' (1977), 'Bonjui' (1978), 'Punakon' (1981) and 'Uttarkal' (1990). 

'Chameli Memsaab' remains his most critically acclaimed and commercially successful venture. The film earned Dr Bhupen Hazarika the National Award for Best Music direction and the Best Assamese Film award in the regional category. Abdul Mazid has proved that movies with family themes can succeed both critically and commercially. He showed filmmakers a way that can lead to good cinema in the future. With Saat Nomboror Sandhanat, his seventh feature, Abdul Mazid has jumped back into the director's chair once again, that too at age 83 years and after a twenty four-year hiatus from filmmaking.

The majority of movie-going audiences go to movie theatres to be entertained. Mazid knows what the audience wants after being associated with films for over 60 years. Despite the industry swamped with one problem or the other, least of which is the aggression from Hindi cinema, Mazid is still quite confident of his project doing well and winning the hearts of young audiences as well. His films have established him as a filmmaker with an eye for domestic drama. With his persistence of vision, Mazid has left no stone unturned in scripting a riveting drama. He is also quite pleased with the fact that everyone in the film worked with remarkable intensity and passion. Saat Nomboror Sandhanat is produced by Assam State Films (Finance & Development) Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

The talented cast of artistes includes Dilip Barua, Amitabh Rajkhowa, Kabita Chutia (mobile theatre artiste), Chinmoy Bhattacharya, Maitrayee Goswami, Sameer, Dharitri Kalita, Rajkanya Barua, Hassan Ahmed, Abatush Bhuyan, Sukafa Chetia, Dilip Das, etc. The film also stars Baharul Islam, Bhagirothi, Rag Oinitom, Zubin Garg, Himangshu Prasad Das. The main role of the heroine is played by a newcomer hailing from Biswanath Chariali, Mitali Roy. The film's music is scored by noted musician Dr. Anil Saikia. He has also written all the lyrics. The background music is composed by his son Anurag Saikia. One of the songs is even choreographed by the film's editor Kaju at the location of Jagdamba Tea Garden situated near Kaziranga. 

Two other songs were choreographed by Pankaj Engti. Most of the post-production works, including dubbing and VFX were wrapped up under the guidance of special effects artiste Upakul Das at the Jyoti Chitraban Studio. Bidyut Saikia took care of the DI at editor Kaju's Aesthetics Studio. Jumi has worked as an associate editor in the film. The film is cinematographed by Suman Duwarah on the highly advanced and the latest fad with Bollywood-Hollywood filmmakers, the Arri-Alexa camera. The film's associate director is Nesimul Mazid. Assistant directors are Bitupan Kashyap and Safdar Arif Ahmed. The songs are rendered by Zubeen Garg, Dulal Manki, Himashree Rajkhowa and Borsha Nesim. Art direction is by Nuruddin Ahmed. Make-up is done by Aku Bothra.


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