June 4, 2015

Assamese Short Film ‘Astitwa – The Identity’ Selected for Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival

Violence against women is endemic around the world. Incidents of rape and domestic violence remain stubbornly high. But now society has progressed, and people have risen against such malpractices. There was a time when women kept quiet out of fear despite getting tortured, abused and humiliated. Based on such a true incident, Sanchita Production has come up with an Assamese short film entitled 'Astitwa – The Identity'. 

A woman is raped by an awful officer. After knowing about it, people raise their voices against the incident but to no avail. The woman fails to get any justice. The officer makes yet another visit to her. What happens next? Does she manage to withstand his wicked advances?

Screened to much appreciation at the 5th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival 2015 held at Noida, 'Astitwa – The Identity', produced by Jyoti Kakati and directed by Sanchita Talukdar, was rewarded with the 'Official Selection Trophy' along with a citation. This short film makes one realize that rape culture or violence against women is a real problem that does, in fact, exist, and that needs real attention. The film is co-produced by cultural activist Manab Jyoti Das. The film's story, script and dialogues are written by Jyoti Kakati. While it's videography is done by Naba Das, Sumit Barua and Jyoti Kakati have handled the editing.

Various roles in 'Astitwa – The Identity' are played by Pankaj Barua, Jyotika Nandini, Manab Jyoti Das, Mrinal Bhumi, Gyandeep Kalita and Chintu Deka.


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