June 30, 2015

Lakhi Borthakur Passes Away

A prolific stage, television and cinema artist, Lakhi Borthakur passed away after suffering a cerebral stroke at the Down Town Hospital recently. He was 58 at the time of his death. Born to Bhulanath and Puneswari Borthakur at Madhab village in the Jamugurihat area of Sonitpur district in 1957, Borthakur passed his Class XII exams from Jamuguri Higher Secondary School and graduated from Darrang College. Just two years after joining the Cultural Affairs Department as a performing artiste in 1979, Borthakur joined the Songs & Drama division of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, where he was working as a senior instructor with just two years to go before his retirement in 2017.

Borthakur achieved broad recognition with his performances on stage. He also wrote and directed a number of plays. Infact he was a constant fixture on the State's theater scene. His plentiful appearances in Assamese serials and films kept him very much in the public eye, but Lakhi Borthakur will always be remembered for his memorable performances on stage. His performance in the much acclaimed comic-satirical play 'Godaparba' which he also wrote and directed, cemented his place as one of the most versatile actors of his generation. He was equally brilliant as Nomal in the play 'Lotkon', which was based on a tale of Lakshminath Bezbaroa's Burhi Aair Xadhu. His recent full-length play 'Vedavyas', which he had dramatized, directed and acted, received much praise and appreciation too. Borthakur, who had been associated with drama from his college days, was cast to fine effect in serials like his debut-making 'Ghorot Kon Ase', 'Naamgharia', 'Molok Guin Guin', 'Sahuaai', 'Bharaghar', etc. His telefilms include ‘Ooi Gurir Bhoot’, ‘Godaparba’, ‘Upanayan’, ‘Mohan-Moruli’, ‘Bihugutir Biloi’, ‘Bhodori’, ‘Numaliya Pu’, etc.

Lakhi Borthakur made his debut in movies with Dr Bhabendra Nath Saikia's 'Sarathi'. Thereafter, he acted in films like 'Halodhia Charaye Baodhan Khai', 'Juye Pora Xon', 'Jatinga Ityadi', 'Haladhar', 'I Love You', 'Joubone Amoni Kore', 'Maghot Mamonir Biya', 'Jaangfaai Joonaak', 'Ajeyo', etc. Two other films in which he acted, 'Eti Koli Duti Paat' and 'Sanskar', are yet to be released. Besides appearing in countless one-act dramas, Borthakur had acted for full season in the Rupkonwar Theatre in 1976. He had also lent his voice to 30 radio plays. In addition to acting, this indefatigable artist had made significant contributions to literature. Besides writing 10 one-act plays and one full-length drama, Borthakur translated two books into Assamese, 'Gandhari' and 'Vedavyas', and was toiling away on the third, 'Bijoy Tendulkaror Proxongo'. Lakhi Borthakur is survived by his wife Bina Das Borthakur, a noted Goalparia folk song artiste, and their son Debarun Borthakur.


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