June 24, 2015

Nipon Dholua’s Upcoming Movies: ‘Morisika’ and ‘Pratyahbaan’

Nipon Dholua, who had helmed last year's engaging 'Me and My Sister', is currently the only director to have two films with contrasting themes arriving in the theatres soon. He is one filmmaker who isn't afraid to highlight various important issues confronting the society. His upcoming films have something to say about social realities. Both ambitious in nature, 'Morisika' and 'Pratyahbaan' are also produced by Dholua under his flagship banner NBDK Production.

Nowadays parents from mostly affluent background are seemingly neglecting their children in favor of demanding careers. They hardly have any time to get to know their children who mostly grow up in an emotional vacuum. In the absence of parental attention and interest, children easily take to bad habits. The story of 'Pratyahbaan' revolves around a physically handicapped boy who is facing such a dilemma. He too is deprived of his parents' love and attention. The film's story, script and dialogues have been penned by director Dholua himself. Various roles are essayed by Baharul Islam, Trisha Khan (Mumbai), Bhagawat Pritam, Maitrayee Goswami, Ranjiv Lal Baruah, Dishan Dholua, Anurag, Kethrin Dholua etc. The music is scored by Arup Patgiri. The film's theme song written by Diganta Bharati is rendered by Zubeen Garg and Gargee Dutta. 'Pratyahbaan' is filmed on locations in Assam and the North East by Prithviraj Dutta. The film's executive producer is Barnali Dholua. The film's publicity designer is Kamal Kumar and Focus Media.

More than a century ago the holocaust blackened the entire world. Millions were killed like animals by an autocratic regime.

Humanity's darkest chapter strikes the world again. But only now, it is being sponsored by the State. Ominous future awaits the lives of those poor, helpless farmers whose right to livelihood is being threatened under the circumstances. Its the court that takes the ultimate decision to eliminate all those who are a burden to the State. However, people's survival instinct reigns supreme.

In the background of this transformation, a love story is developed between Raj and Nila. Raj is an industrialist, determined to bring developmental works to his village. And Nila is the daughter of a farmer.

'Morisika' revolves around themes of human struggle and perseverance, and the harshness of reality that envelops the State. The film exposes the treachery and deceit frequently resorted to by the man-made machine called government that has never felt any remorse or sorry for arbitrarily snatching away the land of farmers in the name of development.

The various roles in the film are played by Kopil Bora, Munmi Kalita, Nipon Goswami, Minu Bania, Toufique Rahman, Madhurima Choudhury, Indra Bania etc. Infact, this is Indra Bania's last film as an actor before his demise. The film also features an 80 year old artiste Hiranmoyee Goswami in a special role. Rimjhim Sarma, Krishnarani Deka, Puja Bezbarua, child artistes Dishant Dholua and Kethryn Dholua makes special appearances. The film is cinematographed by Prithviraj Dutta with the Black Magic movie camera. Music directors are Kalyan Baruah and Bappi. Zubeen Garg has also sung a song for the film. 'Morisika's publicity consultant is Kamal Kumar whereas publicity designer is Focus Media. This new film is expected to give audiences a different type of entertainment.

Both 'Pratyahbaan' and 'Morisika' have got subjects that not just educates, but also entertains.


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