July 20, 2015

Shankar Borua Announces Assamese Film ‘Khandob Daah’ (Grief on a Sunday Morning)

Filmmaker Shankar Borua has announced his new Assamese film entitled 'Khandob Daah' (Grief on a Sunday Morning) which will be filmed in Guwahati and its outskirts in the last week of this month. Based on a original story and script by Borua himself, the movie will mark the return of one of the finest actors of Assamese cinema, Biju Phukan. The veteran actor found the script to be quite interesting and instantly drew him into the project. The movie will also feature Shankar Borua in a very prominent role.

While speaking about his new film, Shankar Borua said – "Grief on a Sunday morning is a fictional film narrative about the undoing and unrevealing of a father-son relationship, an unraveling that was in the making for quite a long time. Merely waiting for decades to completely fall apart, the relationship finally receives the death knell over a weekend when old wounds and deep mental scars come to the fore, removes the patina of inauthenticity and lays bare the fiction of filial affection."

The film's casts of artistes are Biju Phukan, Upamanyu Boruwa, Prasant Saikia, Stuti Choudhury, Arpan Barbora, Lakhinandan Boruah, etc.


Tammy Lea Meyer said...

Shankar! Fantastic work - congratulations! I love how you explore the complexities of the human condition, and use your talent to share those complexities with the rest of us. You are an inspired storyteller... thinking of you, and so appreciative of your talent and passion.

Bijoylakshmi Saikia said...

All the best.

Vidisha said...

Very proud of you, Shankar!!! Good job!!!

Pranita Soikia said...

Fantastic! Looking forward to it.... all the best!

Ilhong Yun said...

Shankar, you finally made it. Very proud of you!

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