September 28, 2015

Sanskar Bharati’s Three Year Musical Journey Flags Off

Like the rest of the world, terrorism continues to affect the country's north-eastern States, where it has been more than anything else a big scourge. Appalled by the continuous circle of terrorist violence, the former Prime Minister of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee requested legendary artist Dr Bhupen Hazarika to pen a song on such a backdrop back in 2000. Dr Hazarika, stirred up by the occasion, quickly responded with the thought-provoking 'Atankabaad Husiar'.

Sanskar Bharati, a prominent socio-cultural organisation, involved in the preservation as well as the collective expansion of the cultural integrity of India, has launched a series of initiatives, as part of it's continuing exploration of the cultural legacy of the north-east, with 'Nuhe Atankabaad, Hridaye Atmiyatar Sanbad' for a three year period. As informed by the Assam branch of Sanskar Bharati, this song will be used as a catalyst in carrying out their tasks during the period. Under the initiatives, the organisation will endeavour to promote the song through translations that will be made into various languages of the North-East States. Besides that, there will be in place a series of workshops on the song 'Atankabaad Husiar', initially at the provincial level on Dr Hazarika's death anniversary on November 5, and later at Assam's various districts.

Sanskar Bharati has always given emphasis to the north-eastern region of India. It has always been an attempt on it's part to acquaint the rich and profound cultural heritage of the North-East region with the rest of India. One of it's well-known achievements include the successfully held 'Simantoloi Swaranjali-2013' – an inter-state music competition, commemorating the 50th anniversary of two evergreen songs – Dr Bhupen Hazarika's 'Koto Jowanor Mrityu Hol..' and renowned poet Pradip's 'Aye Mere Watan Ke Logo..', immortalised by melody queen Lata Mangeskar. Sanskar Bharati has always believed in the idea of using music to affect some kind of a change.

Recently, on September 8, Sanskar Bharati's three year musical journey was formally launched with the lighting of the traditional lamp by the Governor of Assam, P.B. Acharjya, at the city-based Hindusthani Kendriya Vidyalaya, in an intimate and immediate ambience. Assam's well-known actor and president of the Assam branch of Sanskar Bharati, Pranjal Saikia elucidated the guests and gathering journalists from the print and electronic media about the aims and intentions behind this three year old project with the slogan – 'Nuhe Atankabaad, Hridaye Atmiyatar Sanbad'. The organisers are hopeful of attaining an overwhelming feedback, while spreading the message of peace and harmony. 

During the function, the founder-member of Sanskar Bharati, Baba Jogendraji and eminent musician and the man behind the tune of 'Atankabaad Husiar', Nanda Banerjee were felicitated. The presentation of a traditional dhyay geet followed by several artistes performing Bhupendra Sangeet, livened up the proceedings. Besides a song paid as a tribute to Dr Hazarika by Harimohan Das, organising minister of Sanskar Bharati's Assam branch, upcoming singer Amlan Sarkar performed the song 'Tez Dila..'. Well-known artiste Mitali De captivated everyone with her rendition of Dr Hazarika's evergreen 'Aai Tuk Kihere Pujime..'. Finally it was the turn of various Sanskar Bharati artistes to make an impression with their renditions of the core song 'Atankabaad Husiar', and Lata Mangeshkar's immortal 'Ae Mere Watanke Logo..'.


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