October 30, 2015

New Single ‘Tik Tok Tik Tok..’

A new Assamese video released as a single on Facebook, YouTube and satellite channels, depicting the memorable moments of college life, is getting positive feedback from viewers. The song 'Tik Tok Tik Tok..' is penned by cine-journalist Kalyan Kumar Kalita and music scored by Palash Gogoi. The song tuned by Ganadip Kakati is rendered by Ganadip Kakati and Bhagyashree Roy.

Undoubtedly, college life is the most memorable and best part of life. No matter where we are, we always miss our college campus, lovable canteen, numerous bunks, and so many hands on one lunch box, lifetime friends, confidence and what not. Wish if we could bring those days back! We even miss those boring lectures from boring teachers/professors that we used to hate once. There are a number of things we miss after we complete our graduation.

This song is a reminder of those beautiful days of college life. The key roles in this video are essayed by Anurag Bitupon Gogoi, Jayashree Sonowal, Kakoli Handique etc. The choreography has been done by Suresh Medhi, and editing is done by Moni Rajkonwar. The song's videography is done by Dhandip, make-up by Milan Moon. The song has been made under the banner of Geet Music Production.

[With inputs from Kalyan Kumar Kalita and Prantik Deka]


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