December 16, 2015

‘Sonar Boron Pakhi’ : New Biopic on Pratima Barua Pande

The shooting of the autobiographical 'Sonar Boron Pakhi' based on the legendary Goalparia folk artist Pratima Barua Pande is now fast progressing. The mohurut of the film, helmed by the director of the critically acclaimed 'Adomya', Bobby Sarma Baruah, took place at Rajabari's Kunja Bihari in historic Gauripur as well as in the premises of Madan Mohan Temple. The honorary chairperson of the Assam State Film (Finance and Development) Corporation Ltd, Bobeeta Sharma garlanded the camera, while actor Pranjal Saikia broke the auspicious coconut. The clapstick was given by Ganga Shankar Pande, husband of Pratima Barua Pande. Director Bobby Sarma Baruah turned on the camera switch.

The mohurut function was graced by Umananda Doley, the managing director of Assam State Film (Finance and Development) Corporation Ltd, Pratima Barua Pande's daughter Alka Pande, cultural activist and the film's co-producer Basanta Kumar Barua, 'Sonar Boron Pakhi's story-screenplay writer Jiten Sarma and Gauripur's strong local crowd. The film will mostly use Goalparia dialect.

'Sonar Boron Pakhi' is produced by Assam State Film (Finance and Development) Corporation Ltd in association with Basanta-Bobby's BB Entertainment Private Ltd. The film is being cinematographed with the advanced Jyoti Chitraban owned Ari Alexa Digital camera by Abhijit Nandy, an alumnus of Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute. After filming in Gauripur till November 11, the unit shifted to Manas National Park. The shooting also took place in Guwahati for some days. The production is now all set to begin filming a crucial portion in Kolkata in the first week of December. The legendary artist was born in Kolkata where she began her school and college life.

The movie uses three actors portraying three different ages. Child artiste Susmita who hails from Agmoni in Dhubri district portrays Pratima Barua Pande until the age of seven years. Pranami Bora undergoes transformation from the age of fourteen to forty-five years, which, no doubt, will be a real test of her mettle. Arati Barua inhabits the artist's later years. Pranjal Saikia is portraying Pratima Barua Pande’s father Prakritish Chandra Barua (Lalji). A number of local artistes from Gauripur and Kolkata feature in other roles.

The film also prominently features Dr Bhupen Hazarika. It was Dr. Hazarika, who made the most significant contribution in bringing Pratima Barua Pande to the fore as an artist of repute in Assam. He was absolutely mesmerized by the folk songs that he heard Pratima Barua sing during his maiden visit to Gauripur in 1955.

'Sonar Boron Pakhi's production designing is being handled by the much experienced Phatik Barua. Make-up is by Shanku Barua. Costumes are by Geetarani Goswami. Shooting on the biopic has been going on with the complete help and support of the cast and crew. Bobby Sarma Baruah is expecting to have the film censored before December 31.


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