December 30, 2015

‘Jhok Jhok Rail Sole..’ – New Single on the Joyful Moments of Childhood

The trend of making videos out of singles is catching up with the artistes in a big way. It can be an expensive proposition though. But if one has the money and the willingness, then everything falls into a platter. It's about being able to pick a song that resonates and telling a personal story to go along with it. A number of Assamese singles released on the internet and private channels suffer from lack of viewer ship. Only a few manage to catch the attention of viewers. Still it remains a good platform to get one's work out there.

A new Assamese audio-video, depicting the joyful moments of childhood – 'Jhok Jhok Rail Sole..' was released on the youtube and other social media sites to positive responses. The song penned by Kalyan Kumar Kalita, is tuned by Ganadip Kakati and composed by Palash Gogoi. The song has been rendered by Ganadip Kakati and Hiya Medhi. The key roles in the video are essayed by Anurag Bitupon, Pallabi Medhi with child astistes Tridisha, Rashmi and Nayana. The choreography has been done by Santumoni Boruah and edited by Moni Rajkonwar. The song's videography is done by Bhaskar Sarma, and make-up by Anup Chutia.

With inputs from Prantik Deka & Kalyan Kumar Kalita.


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