January 14, 2016

'Tumar Premot Pori’ Releases

‘Tumar Premot Pori’ opens the Assamese box-office in the new year with multiple releases all over on January 15. Its hoped that this new movie would usher in some kind of a change in the box-office fortunes of Assamese cinema.

No one can escape from love, sex and career- the subjects that dominate most part of discussions among the contemporary youth. There are positive as well as negative sides to it. Sometimes the positive effect of these things can make a man really successful, while on the other hand, it’s negative effects can have disastrous consequences. Again, it may vary from person to person, from a rich man to a poor man.

The film’s all about relationships, and how it influences in the careers of journalists, Aniruddha and Akakhi. ‘Tumar Premot Pori’ also talks about the lifespan of a journalist. As with other professions, the excitement, the motivation to push harder slowly disappears as age catches on in life. Success too is fleeting, as it is not sustainable over a long period.

The film is produced and directed by Boon Bora under the banner of Zurikh Production. It’s story-screenplay and dialogues too are written by Bora himself.

Besides a number of newcomers and popular artistes, the film features a hosts of journalists from the electronic and print media. Popular actor Dibyajyoti Das plays the key role of Aniruddha Dutta, whereas Yashowant Singh enacts the role of a cabinet minister. The other roles are essayed by Akashdeep, Nayan Nirban, Guna Mahanta, Pankaj Barua, Rubi Mahanta, Papori Saikia, Fairypriya, Gayatree Borah, Madhusmita, Rajbhairav, Pranjal Prince, Tapan Saikia etc. A number of journalists from the electronic and print media have acted on this movie, they include Rejek Ali Ahmed (Asomiya Khabor), Diganta Kumar Nath (Asomia Khabor), Kalyan Kumar Kalita (Freelance journalist), Karen Kalita (Trishnatur), Pradeep Nath (Asomiya Pratidin), Kishore Goswami (Niyamiya Barta), Abhijeet Laskar (Prag channel), Pulin Devsarmah (Asomia Pratidin), Raju Baruah (Prag channel), Chandana Sarma (Amar Asom), Iva Mahanta (Newslive), Raju Sarma (Focus NE), Jishnu Medhi, Faijur Rahman, etc. 

The MLA of Nagaon District Durlabh Samua too makes an special appearance. The music of ‘Tumar Premot Pori’ is scored by Kanu Kandali, and arranged by Lakhyajeet Kalita. The songs are rendered by Santa Uzir, Manoj Kashyap, Sunanda Paul, Dr. Rupshekhar Deka, Ritu Bikash, Parashmoni, Jonmoni Bordoloi, Bidisha Bhuyan, Murchana Pathak and Rimjhim Rima. All the songs are written and tuned by Saiful Islam, Tokheswar Saikia and Kanu Kandali. The film’s choreography is done by Sameer Buragohain. Makeup is by Akash, Majoni and Kumkum. The film is cinematographed by Moon Haloi and Moon Talukdar with the Cannon 5-D camera. The artistes’ co-ordinator is Nripen Kalita. The editing is done by Manash Kashyap and Rajeev. ‘Tumar Premot Pori’s publicity consultant is Diganta Kumar Nath whereas publicity designer is BMC Features. Co-publicity consultant is Kalyan Kumar Kalita.


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