April 4, 2016

Zublee and Zubeen Part Ways

In a woeful piece of news, Zublee has announced that she is parting ways with Zubeen Garg for the forthcoming Rongali Bihu season. It will certainly be a disappointment for those who visit Bihu events purely to witness the delightful duo as the coming Bihu will not have any such event. After over a decade of association and sharing of stages all over Assam, Zublee will be seen performing solo along with her band. Notably, although Zublee took the stage on several occasions, she has never been seen performing solo during Bihu functions.

“It was not an easy decision to take as we have been associated with each other for several years. However, it has also been my long-standing desire to perform solo in Rongali Bihu celebrations but season after season, it somehow has not materialised. Although, it was not an easy decision to take and both I and Zubeen Da were very emotional about it, he at the same time was very supportive,” Zublee asserted. It was also mentioned that the parting is only for the upcoming Rongali Bihu season and the duo will be performing together again in future. But the events remain uncertain.

Currently Zublee is also working on the second volume of ‘Mati’ which is set to be released very shortly along with a few other projects that include another album with her folk/rock band where the music is by Partha Pratim Goswami. She is also working on an Assamese lullaby and will be the guest music director for the play ‘Breaking News’ by Rajdweep for Kohinoor Theatre.