May 11, 2016

Abhishruti Bezbaruah Releases New Single ‘Roi Roi Roti..’

The spirit of Rongali Bihu was brought out by Guwahati’s young talent, Abhishruti Bezbaruah. ‘Roi Roi Roti..’ is the young star’s second single. The tracks of the single were conceptualized using typical local live ambient sounds and ethnis instruments which are heard and associated with the spring season. This track captures the essence of the welcoming spirit of the Rongali Bihu festival in the most Assamese way possible. “Making live sounds as the base of the song, we have fused ethnic instruments with electronic elements to give it a new soundscape,’’ said the young artiste. “Through ‘Roi Roi Roti..’, a folk fusion Bihu track, we have tied to encapsulate the spirit of Bihu for our audience,” she added.

The entire concept of the song is Bezbaruah’s own contribution and its tuning and compilation has been done by Diganta Bharati. The music arrangement has been done by Poran (Jojo), the track was mixed and mastered by Ibson Lal Baruah and directed by Samujjal Kashyap. The song has been drawing popular appeal on YouTube.


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