June 2, 2016

Anup Neel : Musician Comes of Age

Anup Neel, a promising name in the field of music, is making a name not just as a lyricist but also as a composer and singer. Anup, son of Upen Saikia and Junu Saikia, was attracted to this field since childhood. Despite lacking professional training, he has been able to excel on the strength of his dedication and respect for music. According to him, music is not only a subject of entertainment, but also a therapy.

Anup Neel entered the musical world as a lyricist in 2012 through the album ‘Rinkumoni’. He penned a song in the album which was rendered by Mousam Gogoi. He has written songs for other albums like ‘Oi Dhan Senai’, ‘Barnalir Emuthi Geet’, ‘Moujan’ and last year’s ‘Namdang’. Besides these, Anup has also written over twenty video songs.

Recently he has released two albums based on his own concepts – ‘Senai Dhan’ and ‘Chiramor Nasoni’. All the songs of the album ‘Chiramor Nasoni’ are written and composed by Anup, whereas in case of ‘Senai Dhan’, he wrote and composed 3 songs. Presently, the singer’s three songs have been highly appreciated by music lovers. The songs are - ‘Krishna He Bulilung..’ which is written, composed and sung by the singer himself, ‘Ketiyaba Mon Jai..’, written by Anup and sung by Zubeen Garg and ‘Krishnaye Korile Leela..’ which is written by Anup and sung by Debojit Borah. All the three songs have caught the attention of music lovers due to their heart-touching lyrics, soulful tunes and beautiful rendition. A number of popular singers like Zubeen Garg, Mousam Gogoi, Bornali Kalita, Chayanika Bhuyan, Debojit Borah have lent their voices to the songs penned by him. He is also working on two new songs. He will also present his popular song ‘Re babba rebabba..’, written, composed and sung by himself in the video format that will hit the market during the Durga Puja season.


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