June 23, 2016

‘Bhupenda Aru Tinikhon Natak’ : A Book on Assamese Mobile Theatre Plays

Mobile Theatre is without doubt one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the state. This hugely flourishing industry that started its journey in 1963, has also successfully celebrated its golden jubilee year. During this long period of time, a number of plays were written by various noted dramatists and staged by various mobile theatre troupes. But it’s very sad to know that nobody showed much interest, save for a play or two, to preserve these drama scripts. A good number of scripts which holds strong social and political values have vanished without a trace. The students have no other option left to them for getting any information from these plays for their research purposes.

But with the very aim of overcoming this problem, a publication house - Natghar Prakashan is making every other effort in its bid to preserving some selected mobile theatre plays in the book form. They will work in close collaboration with authors, historians, critics and aficionados from the world of mobile theatre. Its all about preserving today for tomorrow. They have also sought the help of several mobile theatre artistes including Nirmal Dutta, Parag Sarma, Anjan Jyoti Bez, Chinmoy Kataki, Jeffry Bakshi, Jogesh Kashyap among others. With all these preservation efforts, there is indeed reason to hope that the mobile theatre plays will live on and contribute to the state’s literary field.

Recently, the publication house released a book entitled ‘Bhupenda Aru Tinikhon Natak’ which contains three popular plays based on Dr. Bhupen Hazarika namely ‘Bhul Nubujiba Bhupenda’, ‘Tez’ and ‘Erabator Xur’, on June 7 at the Guwahati Press Club, in the presence of several eminent guests, including prominent actor Tapan Das, producer of ‘Awahon Theatre’ Krishna Roy, noted journalist Haidar Hussain and administrative officer Rabendra Kumar Das.

All the three plays are written by popular dramatist and director of mobile theatre plays, Abhijit Bhattacharya. While sharing his feelings about this project, the host of the function, popular actor Nirmal Dutta said that selective plays of mobile theatre will be stored in the form of a book every year for the benefit of the future generation. He also added that they have also decided to preserve this book in every other library of Assam. Renowned actor of celluloid and mobile theatre, Tapan Das appreciated the efforts of this publication house as well as those associated with it, in his speech. The book release function was also graced by Prastuti Parashar, Mridul Bhuyan, Subodh Majumdar, Dulumani Das, Tapan Lahkar, Binoy Deka, Momi Deka, Tarali Sarma, Ajay Phukan and a good number of artistes, directors and story-tellers of the Assamese theatre industry. Everyone involved with the mobile theatre industry expressed their happiness on such a wonderful initiative and also promised to help them in return in every other step.


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