June 14, 2016

Brajen Bora, the ‘First Action Hero’ of Assamese Cinema Honoured

Brajen Bora, the veteran movie star known as the ‘first action hero’ of Assamese cinema, was honoured with the Indra Bania Memorial Best Actor Award at the Dhansiri Film Festival held at Golaghat on May 29, under the auspices of the Red Sun Film Society. It may be mentioned here that Borah played a pioneering role in introducing ‘action sequences’ with a realistic touch in Assamese films with the blockbuster hit ‘Suruj’, directed by Pulok Gogoi.

Borah has carved an impressive niche in the hearts of fans with films like ‘Sadari’, ‘Sendur’, ‘Jeevan Surabhi’, ‘Puja’, ‘Bohagar Duporiya’, ‘Mayuri’, ‘Pratisodh’, ‘Pratidan’, ‘Sriman Maimon’, ‘Pani’, ‘Garam Botah’, ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’, ‘Ranangan’, ‘Mahapurush’, ‘Juge Juge Sangram’ among others. Bora’s contributions to action in Assamese films will not be forgotten any time soon. He tried his hand at everything from comedy to drama, but his best work is undeniably in action for he became almost synonymous with it. Borah has so far acted in about 25 feature films, 88 short films, several documentaries, telefilms and many commissioned programmes for DDK and PPC (NE) in a career spanning over 35 years, and he has succeeded in making everlasting impact on the viewers. He can be called an all-rounder who dabbled in everything. Apart from his first love, acting, he has been a director, producer, editor, cinematographer, story and scriptwriter, action director and lyricist, all rolled into one.

Till date he is actively involved in films, although he stays behind the camera most of the time, producing short films, telefilms, documentaries and feature films. Moreover, he is presently imparting an integrated course on acting, direction and cinematography for upcoming talents under the banner of his own production house – Swapneel Creation. He is one of the pioneers in producing TV serials in Assam and the Northeastern region. He has made serials, both in Assamese and in English, as an actor-director, videographer, storywriter, cinematographer and editor. It is noteworthy that he has given breaks to many aspiring artistes and technicians who have later made a mark in movies and television channels. He has also made films on folklore and has worked in almost all the other NE states for that purpose. He has received national awards as a performing artiste on AIR and has also won several State awards.

Incidentally, the Red Sun Film Society honoured this well-known film personality at the said festival, alongside director Pulok Gogoi, Mridula Barua, cinematographer Suman Duarah, director Jadumoni Dutta, actor Tilmizur Rehman and Arun Nath. On the occasion, upcoming artiste Chandradittya Sarma enthralled the audience by reciting some evergreen dialogues of Brajen Borah and Amitabh Bachchan.


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