June 22, 2016

‘Nishabda’ : An Assamese Short Film

The short film ‘Nishabda’ provides viewers with a rare glimpse into an ignored topic - a hidden problem faced by a section of the male gender in the society. The film’s protagonist portrays an impotent man and his struggles of everyday life. The film shows with much depth how the personal life of an infertile man is affected. A love filled relationship turns to a loveless marriage and ends up in betrayal. Friendship loses its value. The movie very clearly depicts the mental state of the protagonist and his mental depression, insecurity and low self esteem as he sees his life shatter before his eyes. The movie manages to leave the audience with the question - does physical satisfaction come over life, family and social values?

The film short film directed by Swakkhyar Deka, beautifully describes the complex an impotent man goes through and its effects on the social relationships elsewhere. The protagonist is being played by Hemanta Debnath and his wife by Dolly Sharma. It has be mentioned that both these artistes justifiy their parts with their commendable performances. The film’s camerawork is done by Abhishek and Neeraj, while the background music is scored by Loy Tsangpo. Editing is done by Deepjyoti Das. Swakkhyar Deka is on a mission to connect with his audiences in deeply personal ways stirring up hope and purpose in a rapidly changing world.


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