June 26, 2016

Rap Video Goes Viral on Social Media

A new Assamese rap video is going viral on social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube etc. The song - ‘Aai Loi Pronam..’ has been made with a unique concept and is quite different from other Assamese songs released on the internet. Rendered by Sunix Flo and Suraj Pradhan, the rap portion in the song has been done by Chinmoy Bora. The song has been penned and choreographed by Chinmoy, directed by Mohen Terron, cinematographed by Ricky Tori and edited by Bipul Rongthulu.

Chinmoy Bora, popularly known by the name New Breed in circles, was born and brought up in Tezpur. Ever since childhood, he has been inclined towards the arts. After shifting to Guwahati, he pursued a broader perspective in the world of music and dancing. Chinmoy worked as a dancer in various dance troupes in the city. ‘Creation Crew’, the dance group from Assam that he represented as the lead dancer, secured a respectable 10th position in the dance event ‘Hip-hop International India’ last year.

After moving back to Tezpur, the young dancer opened a dance school at a place called Lokra. ‘Aai Loi Pronam..’ is Chinmoy’s debut effort as a lyricist-dancer-choreographer.

According to him, success has no short cut, the one who works hard and is able to handle various curveballs of life, can reach the desired goal. He also mentioned that in case of music, everyone has to start their journey as a novice; there is bitterness with muffled hopes, and constant struggle for survival at various points in life. Chinmoy wrote the lyrics of ‘Aai Loi Pronam..’ without sleeping for two days. Chinmoy also stated that each and every member involved in this project has worked very hard.

They have now joined hands to form a new group called ‘Culture Theory Production’, which is looking for other like-minded individuals interested in producing their songs and videos. The team has even decided to perform for half the price.


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