June 19, 2016

Sankarjyoti Rajkhowa and His Villainous Strides On Mobile Stage

Popular villain of mobile theatre, Sankarjyoti Rajkhowa has made quite a reputation with his multi-faceted characters on stage. He has been consistent in keeping his audience captivated, engaged, and humored. His honesty, his rawness, speaks to his talent. Theatre-goers are enthralled by his presence on stage. His performance in the play ‘Boliya Krishna’, written by Rajdweep and staged by Hengool Theatre, drew popular appeal last year. The uniqueness of his character stood out from the rest, making it memorable for the audiences. Sankarjyoti made his debut in mobile theatre with Hengool in the 2012-13 session, with a breakthrough role in Abhijit Bhattacharya’s play ‘Bijoya Dashami’.

After a year-long break, he emerged into the scene with Hengool’s ‘Boliya Krishna’, ‘Chambalor Majnu’ and ‘Jooj’, playing three different characters. The actor feels elated to have found appreciation with his performance in ‘Boliya Krishna’. He also gives due credit to the play’s dramatist Rajdweep and producer-director Sankalpajit Hazarika. He was recently awarded for his efforts with the ‘Facebook Samannay MTG Award 2016’ by a mobile theatre related Facebook group. He has also signed up with Hengool Theatre for the 2016-17 session. Making brisk preparations, the theatre troupe will stage three plays - Rajdweep’s ‘Bekar Bahubali’ and ‘Bonoriya’, and ‘Dorar Gari’ by Mridul Chutia. People are now eagerly waiting to see Sankarjyoti’s role in all of these plays.


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