July 28, 2016

Audio CD ‘Abege Utola Mon’ by Chandramallika Releases

A bright new voice, Chandramallika is the most recent addition to a growing list of singers in the music scene. Recently, Chandramallika’s debut album ‘Abege Utola Mon’ was released by eminent singer Kula Barua, noted musician JP Das, popular singers Nilima Khatoon, Malabika Bora, Sandhya Menon, Kanika Bhattacharya and Kumar Krishna at the Studio Auditek in Guwahati. Chandramallika makes a strong impression, displaying unusual vocal abilty for someone of her tender years, in her debut effort ‘Abege Utola Mon’. Produced under the banner of N.D. Production, this album with six songs is directed by well-known music director Bhupen Uzir, who strongly believed in the ability of this skillful and effervescent singer. And she hasn’t disappointed at all, pulling it off all the songs quite effectively.

Chandramallika became interested in music in her teens, and honed her skills for a career in singing. Her father Nilkamal Das has been responsible to a great extent in her evolution. Everyone present on the day of release were impressed by her wonderful singing skills. Various songs in the album are tuned and written by Nikhilesh Deka, Rupam Bhuyan, Hemanta Dutta, Bhupen Uzir, Kalpana Bhuyan, JP Das, Hirak, Sumit and Biswajeet Bora. The album, mixed and recorded by Bhupen Uzir at Studio Auditek. Chandramallika is likely to be one of the most sought-after singers in a few years time.


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