July 28, 2016

Hillol Kumar Pathak's Runjun Making Heads Turn

Everyday, scores of aspirants hailing from rural and small-town areas try their luck in the field of acting. These emerging talents have only one perpetual wish - to somehow get that lucky ‘break’ and make it as an artiste. But nothing comes easy. Its just a handful of them who makes it by dint of their hard work, perseverance and naturally, luck. But what about those unsuccessful, embittered lot? Does talent really matter in this world of glamour, or are there some other means to make it?

Runjun, an aspiring artiste hailing from a remote place, also dreamt of making it as an actress in the glamour world. But her dream was short-lived when she made some shocking revelations about the glamour world. She realised how people can go to any lengths to achieve their goals.

Based on this story, the mobile theatre party Prithwiraj Theatre is all set to stage a play titled ‘Runjun’ in the upcoming dramatic session. The play is being written and directed by amateur theatre’s well-known story-teller and journalist Hillol Kumar Pathak. Every now and then, Pathak’s plays defy the odds and find popularity with the public. He is quite confident of making a strong impression with theatre-goers in ‘Runjun’.

The title song of this play is written and tuned by cine-journalist Kalyan Kumar Kalita, musically arranged by Pranjal Prodip Bharali and rendered by Rintu Saikia and Gitasree Borah. Film, TV and stage artiste, Dipan Bharali stars in Prithwiraj along with Reba Bora, Dipsikha Bora and several newcomers. Produced by Surajit Bora, the troupe has added some new concepts and techniques. Prithwiraj’s other two plays are Abhijit Bhattacharya’s ‘Debota’ and Samarendra Barman’s ‘Bahuboli’. The theatre troupe is currently undergoing intensive rehearsals.


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